Everything You Need to Know about Online Bingo and Chat Room Lingo

There’s a good reason why the traditional, live bingo games were – and still are – so successful. It’s not only about the classical game, where everybody gathers, checks the cards, and then eventually shouts ‘Bingo!’ when a line or pattern is formed. It was and is about the social interaction, as well. Although the game of bingo has now evolved and gone online, that social interaction is still present in chat rooms during the game, and one of the reasons why bingo players continue to come back.

In fact, the social interaction is now larger than ever: the players who interact with you could come from anywhere in the world, and you never know whom you can meet. That social interaction is so important. To be sure you are up-to-date and are able to understand what other players are talking about, it pays to study some phrases that are often used. Bingo, after all, has its own lingo. Here’s what you need to know about online bingo and chat room lingo.

Learn the numbers first

Some of the nicknames for the numbers are quite funny and easy to remember – others are quite strange and you often wonder where they come from. Here are some examples:

One. Kelly’s eye

Two. Little boy blue

Three. Goodness me

Four. The one next door

Five. Little snake – because of its shape

Six. Half a dozen – seems simple, right?

Seven. Lucky. Because it’s a lucky number, we suppose.

Eight. Golden gate. Sometimes also called fat lady.

Nine. Doctor’s joy, or doctor’s orders. You’ll have to ask a physician why.

Ten. Uncle Ben.

Common terms you should know

Aside from learning the numbers, it’s also helpful if you understand the meaning of some commonly used terms. For example:

Nick – it’s short for Nickname.

RNG – it’s short for Random Number Generator. The computer can’t draw balls, but does produce random numbers, which are then used as a substitute.

House – whilst the rest of the world likes to shout ‘Bingo!’, you’ll hear people from the UK often shout ‘House!’

You have to realise, though, that it’s not necessary to know each and every nickname or terminology that could be used in the chat rooms – online bingo lingo will take some time to master, after all. People in the chat rooms are kind and will happily clarify for you; lacking that, there’s always the chat room moderator, ready to assist. But it pays to know the terminology, and you’ll soon find out that bingo lingo is actually a fun language to learn. So enjoy the game and indulge in the lingo – it’s all part of the great experience called online bingo.